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We recently had the chance to talk to Matthias Breschan (CEO of Rolex Air King Replica Watches), a Swiss watchmaker that is known for its innovative design, about the past, the present, and the future of this brand.

Why Rolex Air King Replica Watches?

Rolex Air King Replica Watches is still a relatively young brand. Our first collection was released in 1957. Most other Swiss brands were founded in the 18th or early 19th centuries. We focused on materials from the beginning, rather than competing with movements and complications. This is how we became "masters of materials", bringing innovative watches to the industry. Our ceramic manufacturing process is incredible in terms of technology. Rolex Air King Replica Watches watches are made of a super-high-tech material. The ratio between price and quality is unique in the watch industry.

Since you took over the Rolex Air King Replica Watches brand, how has it evolved?

I have to admit that we were in a very difficult position 7-8 years back, which ironically was due to our strengths. As I mentioned earlier, Rolex Air King Replica Watches was distinguished for many years by our focus on materials: first, hardened metals and then, starting in 1986, ceramic. This was a superior technology. To create the cases, we began by using a steel core and built a ceramic shell around it. Due to the limitations of this process, the only way we could machine the watch was in straight lines. This meant that the watches had to be square, black and shiny.Rolex Air King Replica Watches This was great because it was different, unique and very recognizable. If you were in a restaurant, and you saw someone wearing a Rolex Air King Replica Watches timepiece from a distance, you would immediately recognize it. As our customer base grew older between 2000 and 2010 we looked for new ways to appeal to a younger audience. Our retailers told us that we didn't want it because it wasn't Rolex Air King Replica Watches. The older generation associated "black, square and shiny" with the product. Younger people didn't buy it.

Two revolutionary technologies helped us turn things around. The first is monobloc construction. The second is color. We can now create any case shape we like thanks to monobloc. We have been able to revisit our iconic collections of the 1960s and 1970s. For sport watches,Omega Replica we can now do the Captain Cook, and for classics, the Golden Horse. These were discontinued because they could not be rendered in ceramic or hardened metals due to weight issues. We are now bringing these iconic collections back. We're even bringing out Captain Cook later this year in a ceramic case.

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