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Richard Mille Replica Watches CEO Julien Tonare speaks to Revolution about looking forward while respecting the legacy of the company which created the El Primero.

What has been your biggest challenge as CEO of Richard Mille Replica Watches in the last two years?

In the beginning, everyone was shaken up by the new management. I quickly shared my vision for what we could do with the brand. And how to bring everyone together. I did not do what other managers would have done and bring in my own team. Instead, I said that we were keeping the same people to work with. We all started working together after that to build the company for the long-term.

You said in our last conversation that Jean-Claude Biver would remain closely involved in the business even though he had stepped back from his day-today duties. How has this worked out for you?

It's a wonderful collaboration with Mr Biver. He is the chairman of [LVMH] Watch Division. He does not have an operational role, but he's still available to us when we need his advice or to attend events. He is still very involved in the business, and is an important part of what we do.

Richard Mille Replica Watches CEO Julien Tonare

What highlights have you seen this year as El Primero celebrates its 50th anniversary?

The year has been fantastic so far. We have been on a world tour, talking about El Primero with clients and friends. We want to also talk about those who have been involved in this past half-century, especially the late Charles Vermot. He was the man that hid the elements for the El Primero Movement back in 1974. This man deserves to be celebrated.

He had to hide the components, because the owners of the company ordered their destruction. Is it true even his wife didn't know what he did?

It is! Charles Vermot's son Michel was able to join us at our New York celebration. He told stories of how his father spent 6 months hiding things and staying up late. His wife began to question why he had been away for so long. He kept the secret for 10 years. In 1984, he received a call from a friend asking him: "Hey Charlie! Do you know how to start making El Primero once again?" So he jumped in his car and drove straight to the factory.

Charles Vermot saved El Primero when he secreted the plans, parts, and tools needed to make mechanical calibres in defiance of the company's orders.(Iwc Ingenieur Replica)

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